In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the application and the admission process.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-Mail at

1. Is a preliminary review of the application documents possible before applying?

All the information that is needed can be found at our homepage. Due to the high number of applications from all kinds of different universities a preliminary review cannot be offered. We only can review and consider the documents uploaded in the system within the application deadline.

2. Can you please provide more information on the application process? I am not able to find what all documents should be submitted during the application process.

For applying to the master´s programme you first have to register in RWTH Online, then you can fill in your application. The application procedure and application deadlines are handled by the administration of RWTH Aachen University. Therefore, please consult the RWTH websites for details: depending on your geographical location please refer to the different procedures for EU/EEA citizens and NON-EU citizens.
The whole application process is held online. We only accept applications via RWTH Online where you can find a detailed list of the required documents. Do not send paper copies via postal service and please check, if your scanned documents are readable before uploading. If your documents can´t be read, it is marked by the system as missing.

3. What are the deadlines to apply for the master?

The application procedure and application deadlines are handled by the administration of RWTH Aachen University. The application deadline depends on which country you are applying from. Applications are only accepted during certain periods and will not be accepted at other times.
If not stated otherwise by the RWTH:
- the application deadline for EU/EEA citizens for winter term is 15th of July
- the application deadline for EU/EEA citizens for summer term is 15th of January
- the application deadline for NON EU citizens for winter term is 1st March
- the application deadline for NON EU citizens for summer term 1st of September

4. Do I need a GRE score for the admission in this programme?

GRE score is not required

5. Is there a GPA restriction for this programme?

We don’t have any GPA restrictions to this programme

6. Are motivation letter, recommendation letter and portfolio required in application?

These documents are not necessary during the admission process

7. My Bachelor was taught in English and I have a proof that my study was held in English. Do I need certificate in English language like TOEFL or IELTS?

Enrollment in the master without an English test is only possible when you have obtained a school or academic degree in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Otherwise please check our language requirements.

8. Can I apply without the English test in this program?

You do not have to upload the English test while applying. In case of admission, you will need to provide valid proof of meeting language requirements upon enrollment.

9. How long will it take to receive an answer after my application is complete whether I’m accepted or not?

As a rule, educational residents (those who graduated from a German university) and applicants from EU/EEC countries receive a decision regarding admission by the end of September (for the winter semester) or by the end of March (for the summer semester).
Applicants from all other nations typically receive their decision regarding admission by mid-June or by mid-December (for the winter and summer semester, respectively).

10. Is there any scholarship option?

German universities do not offer full-coverage scholarships. Funding for scholarships is pooled together at German universities and awarded to suitable applicants by the DAAD. There are a number of institutions, such as foundations, that offer scholarships for suitable applicants. You can find a complete overview of available scholarship programs under Scholarships and Funding.

11. When does the semester start approximately?

The winter semester always starts in October, and the summer semester starts in April. For the exact semester dates, please go to the following site.